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Manual Solutions


Modifying the Vendor Detail report to show only the additional Vendor Accounts.


For a report of additional vendor accounts, you can modify the existing Vendor Information report (Reports
| Purchasing
| Setup/List
| Vendor Detail) within Report Writer. Here are the steps:

Launch into Report Writer (Tools
| Customize
| Report Writer). Click on the Reports button from the tool bar.

Select Vendor Information from the Original Reports column and insert it into the Modified Reports column.

Select the Vendor Information report in the Modified Reports column then click Open. In the Report Definition window click the Layout button.

In the Report Layout, remove all the fields in the H1 section, except for Additional Purchase Accounts, Vendor ID and Vendor Name.

After removing the fields, highlight the Additional Purchase Accounts text field, then move it up and position it below the Vendor Name field.

Click on the H1 on the left hand margin of the report layout and drag the section as far up as it will go. Now the line should be below the Additional Purchase Accounts text field.

Close the Report Layout window and save the changes. Click OK to close the Report Definition Window. Launch back into Dynamics by going to File - Great Plains Dynamics.

Grant access to the modified report by going to Setup
| System
| Security. Set Type: Modified Reports; Series: Purchasing. Double-clicking on the Vendor Information report will place an asterisk next to report. Click OK to close the Security Setup window.

To print the report, go to Reports
| Purchasing
| Setup and choose Vendor Detail.

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